Dog Grooming Services at Brightmoor

Full Groom

All bathing, drying and styling.

We can offer grooms in any style from breed standard to pet trims. Nails will be checked and clipped if needed and ears cleaned and/or plucked

Puppy Groom

The perfect introduction to grooming for all breeds under 6 months old. bath, brush with and face, paw and hygiene trim gets puppies happy and confident in the grooming salon before the full grooming

Bath & Brush

All bathing, drying and a thorough brush through to remove all undercoat and moulting hair. Perfect for short breeds and double coated breeds


Hand Stripping is available for all wire coated breeds. Our groomers are fully experienced in handstripping. A complementary bath is offered 2 weeks after the stripping process

Mini Groom

Perfect for an in between groom tidy up to ensure matting does  not occur! A bath and brush with a face. Nails will be clipped if needed and ears are cleaned

Spa Upgrades

Our luxury upgrades include: Teeth Cleaning, Deep cleansing mud bath treatment, paw scrub, paw wax, breath freshening foam, leave in conditioning treatment and a spritz of fragrance

Emmipet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Here at Brightmoor Luxury Dog Grooming we offer Emmipet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning. this process takes around 30- 40 minutes and has given us some excellent results in just 1-5 sessions.


Initial Session: £30

Follow up Session: £25 (£20 if booked with a groom)

Block of 5 sessions: £90

How does it work?

Emmipet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning is a Tooth Brushing service for dogs that can be done as an individual session or as part of a dog groom.

The process uses harmless ultrasound waves to soften and break down tartar build up, killing the bacteria associated with canine dental disease. The emmipet is motionless and soundless so is accepted by many more dogs than traditional teeth cleaning regimes.

Teeth Cleaning
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Teeth Cleaning
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